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About Us


Dyslexia Care Foundation was established in 2017 to offer support to children with learning disabilities by way of training teachers and creating awareness about Dyslexia in Ghana. We do three projects in the year. Our Dyslexia Training training program runs throughout the year. Our Chosen teachers in deprived schools go through six weeks of training on Cognitive impairment in Children, Course of Learning disabilities, How to Identify children with Dyslexia and How to assist these children. After training, some teachers are paid to assist children with after school programs that focus on children struggling with Dyslexia

Back to School Project (January - March). January in Ghana is very difficult for parents. All the Kids resume school and move to the next school year class. Parents with many kids worry about Fees, New School Uniforms, bags and shoes for their Kids. Our back-to-school program provides basic needs which can prepare them for the school year. We also found that most of the issues related to lack of concentration in class is due to lack of educational materials and Good nutritional meals.

Sub For Santa Project (November - December) Sub for Santa is making sure everyone is included during the festive season. Most people donate to orphanages and charity organizations and most times forget about individuals in our communities especially single moms, widows, people with various challenges and so on. Through our Sub for Santa applicant nomination process, we are able to reach out to individuals in our communities who would have been left out during the festive season, through these projects we have discovered a more pertinent and challenging issue confronting the schools that we visited. We realized that there is a lot more we need to do as an organization. Example of such, is to provide educational materials, uniforms, school bags and School shoes to the schools we visit. We are currently looking for partners who will assist us permanently with a yearly budget and also help us raise funds for specific projects. These are also concerns raised during the monitoring and evaluation process of our last project.

Our goal for 2023 is to raise as many funds as possible for all our 3 Projects. We ask all our donors and supporters to pick one project of interest and help us raise funds. We also encourage the physical presence of your family and friends to be involved in any of the projects this year, especially Public Health Students in the area of Dyslexia.
One of the nominees requested that we provide nutritional food packages for Pregnant women who visit their hospital each week. If you know anything about Child Nutrition and good packages for Pregnant women about to be delivered, Kindly help us.


Our mission is to provide services to the Dyslexia community in the way that empower them and lead to their bright future. We work to innovate, support and implement things in a dynamic way. Dyslexia is not a single condition but in reality affects people in many different ways.

Our motto is ‘Fair Learning Opportunities’ and we work with adults and children and their families to help them to get the best from educational opportunities and to find ways to succeed whilst managing their condition.

To be a foremost reliable organization in which people living with Autism, ADHD and/or Dyslexia as well as their families can trust to overcome their learning challenges and attain greater heights like every other individual.