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Back to School Project (January - March). January in Ghana is very difficult for parents. All the Kids resume school and move to the next school year class. Parents with many kids worry about Fees, New School Uniforms, bags and shoes for their Kids. Our back to school program provides basic needs which can prepare them for the school year. We also found that most of the issues related to lack of concentration in class is due to lack of educational materials and Good nutritional meals

We sponsor students in school who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to go, because we believe that education is what changes and empower people.

We have built training centers to help men and women develop skills that will help them create income for their families. At the training centers, our teams mentor and coach families in business.

We have set up sewing centers, and provide job opportunities for women who sew our HopeKits and Garden Towers to be distributed in the communities we serve.